Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 3 Battle of the Block Results

Austin Matelson and Vanessa Rousso won this week’s Big Brother 17 Head of Household competition. Austin and Vanessa set their sights on Jeff Weldon and James Huling. The original plan was to backdoor Jeff on the third week of Big Brother 2015.


Originally, James was a pawn in the backdoor Jeff plan. However, the plan seems to have changed: They now want Jamed out. Vanessa nominated James and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. Austin nominated Jason Roy and Meg Maley. Of course, Meg, Johnny, and Jason are supposed pawns this week.

Vanessa and Austin then set out to convince Johnny Mac to throw this week’s Battle of the Block competition. Johnny, once again, seemed not too onboard with this idea. Then Johnny talked to his Battle of the Block partner and fellow nominee James.

James firmly believed that Vanessa and Austin were going to backdoor Audrey Middleton. Therefore, he believed that it did not matter if he won or lost competition. He even suggested that Johnny and he throw it.

After a long Battle of the Block competition, which apparently involved civilians, a maze, and fabrics, Meg and Jason won safety. Austin was dethroned. Currently, John and James are still on the block, and Vanessa remains as this week’s Head of Household.

Apparently, during the competition, James really performed terribly. So even if Johnny planned to throw the Battle of the Block, he did not have to do it. James did all the throwing work.

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