Big Brother Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations-The Pawn King

On last night’s Big Brother 2015 episode, Vanessa Rousso and Austin Matelson became the newest Heads of Household. Immediately, Austin set his sights on evicting Jeff Weldon. James Huling became the backup target on Big Brother 17.


Austin and Jeff have a strange relationship. Jace Agolli and Austin Matelson talked about their hatred for Jeff during the first week of the Big Brother 17 live feeds. Jeff also told other houseguests his strong feelings of annoyance towards Austin. However, the always act friendly toward each other.

They even host an atrocious podcasts together. Prior to the second Big Brother 2015 eviction, players started to warn Austin about Jeff targeting him. After Austin’s Head of House win, he prepared to take out Jeff.

Currently Vanessa and Austin have a backdoor plan to evict Jeff. Vanessa nominated James and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire; Austin nominated Jason Roy and Meg Maley. Austin and Vanessa already repeated the actions of their fellow alliance members, Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole, by asking John to throw the Battle of the Block.

This ensures that James stays as a nominee. Then Austin and Vanessa will work to get Johnny Mac off the block, and put Jeff besides James. The Battle of the Block plays out in a few hours. We shall see if Johnny Mac throws yet another Battle of the Block.

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