BB12’s Britney Haynes Gets Married!

We have a surprise update from one of our favorite former houseguests, Big Brother 12’s Britney Haynes.  Britney was recently married and posted the pic on the right on her Twitter page.  Now at first, many of you (including us) believed that Britney might have married her infamous boyfriend “Nick” who was mentioned often during season 12, but Britney has made it clear that is not the case.

After a follower mentioned Nick to Britney, she replied that it wasn’t Nick in the picture, but that she had married her “high school sweetheart.”  With Nick out of the picture not long after Big Brother 12 ended, many thought that Lane may have a chance, but it looks like Britney went a totally different route and looks to be very happy and tweeted they were now “off to Paris.”

We at Big Brother Fans Blog would like to congratulate Britney on her marriage and wish her the best!