Big Brother 2015 Episode 8 Recap: Gronk Party

Tonight, the Big Brother 2015 game ends for another houseguest. All week, Da’Vonne Rogers battled to keep herself in the game. Unfortunately, the poker dealer seems completely out of luck on Big Brother 17.


Even Kathy Griffin’s Big Brother Last Laugh power cannot help Da’Vonne. Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt heavily stacked the chips against her: they put Meg Maley besides her on the block. Meg has formed bonds with many of the Big Brother 17 houseguests. Da’Vonne has also formed strong bonds, but she is more of a threat to houseguests than Meg.

The Last Laugh

Big Brother places a phone booth into the house. Kathy comes on the screen to inform them about the Last Laugh twist. Each Big Brother 2015 houseguest takes their turn answering the phone. Clay mentions how he wants to get the seventh call. However, Da’Vonne makes sure that she gets it.


Da’Vonne informs Jason Roy of her winning the secret power. They discuss trying to win over four votes to keep her safe. Da’Vonne speaks to several Big Brother houseguests to try to gain votes. Everyone promises Da’Vonne their vote.

Twin Twist Fail

Da’Vonne notices the physical differences between the twins, Julia Nolan and Liz Nolan. She then tells Jason, who spreads the news throughout the house. Da’Vonne tries to use this information to her advantage. She alerts Julia that people knows that she is playing the game as a twin. Da’Vonne says that she can keep Julia safe in the game, if they pair off. Julia agrees to the deal.


Live Votes and Eviction

Da’Vonne uses her Last Laugh power to nullify Jeff Weldon, Jackie Ibarra, and Becky Burgess‘s votes. The votes are as followed:


Jason votes to evict Meg
Clay votes to evict Da’Vonne
Audrey Middleton votes to evict Meg
John McGuire votes to evict Da’Vonne
Austin Matelson votes to evict Da’Vonne
Julia votes to evict Da’Vonne
James Huling votes to evict Da’Vonne
Steve Moses votes to evict Da’Vonne
Vanessa Rousso votes to evict Da’Vonne

The Big Brother 17 houseguests evict Da’Vonne by a vote of 7-2.

Da’Vonne gets one of the loudest cheers in Big Brother history.

In Da’Vonne’s exit interview, she mentions that Shelli and Clay did not target Audrey because they fear how they will be perceived by the public if they get rid of a transgender contestant.

Da’Vonne also almost cries a little when she sees Jason’s goodbye speech. Host Julie Chen tells Da’Vonne that Audrey was her other vote to stay. She is shocked, especially because her goodbye speech contradicts her actions.

Gronk Takeover


New England Patriot tight end Robert Gronkowski acts as this week’s takeover host. He talks about it being a party week. As part of his takeover, no one will be a Have-Not.

Gronk Pong: For this week’s Big Brother Heads of Household competition, players must aim and try to shoot their balls in a cup. The cup contains numbers. The two houseguests with the highest numbers, after everyone shoots, becomes the new Heads of Household.


Julia scored 23.
Jackie scored 0.
James scored 23.
John scored 0.
Audrey scored 17.
Clay scored 6.
Jeff scored 14.
Becky scored 0.
Austin scored 28.
Jason scored 0.
Meg scored 1.
Vanessa scored 23.
Steve scored 0.

Because of the three way tie, Vanessa, James, and Julia had to shoot again.


Julia scored 22.
James scored 35.
Vanessa scored 52.

Vanessa and Austin are this week’s Heads of Household.

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