Rachel and Brendon Survive Another Week of The Amazing Race

Brendon and Rachel have outperformed the original Big Brother team of Jeff and Jordan from a couple of years ago, and are in the final 6 teams in The Amazing Race 20.  The duo has yet to come in first in any of the legs of the race, but they’ve stayed consistent and avoided coming in last and being eliminated.

This week teams had the chance to do a “fast forward” challenge that would allow 1 team to skip challenges and move closer to the end.  Brendon and Rachel chose not to risk it and go ahead and do the missions.  First off Brendon had to do a challenge that involved being submerged underwater and breaking out of a window.  Next up both Rachel and Brendon had to go scrub oil off a hairy local – only on The Amazing Race. 

Brendon and Rachel came in fourth place, barely being edged out for third by Mark and Bopper.  This week there was actually no drama between Brendon and Rachel, as they seemed focused and got the job done.  It looks like we will get our fair share of drama in the next episode (which will air in 2 weeks due to the country music awards) as it looks like there is a blowup between Rachel and Vanessa, as Rachel calls out Vanessa about her age, which Vanessa returns with a “You should’ve done everyone a favor and got your nose done before your boobs” ZING!

Catch the next episode of The Amazing Race in 2 weeks on April 8th on CBS to see who will be the remaining 5 teams!

  • http://www.mikedelgrosso.co.uk/ Mike Salisbury

    How long will this harmony last between Brendon and Rachel? I not so sure it will last long enough?