Breaking News: Derrick’s Grandfather Passes Away

In an absolutely surreal situation given the highly publicized death of Frankie’s grandfather just 2 days ago, Derrick has learned that his grandfather has also passed away.  Derrick was called to the DR moments ago and received a letter from his family just as Frankie did, notifying him of the passing.

It’s a rare occurrence for an unfortunate family situation like this to happen during the Big Brother season, but for it to happen twice within a couple of days is really a horrible thing for the house to have to go through.  Frankie was one of the first to console Derrick, as obviously he is going through his own grief but now has to watch one of his housemates suffer through it as well.

Right now the house is very quiet and somber as to be expected with all this happening. Our thoughts along with undoubtedly all of the Big Brother fans will be with both Derrick and Frankie as they will both continue to deal with these unbelievably tough situations.