Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Last Laugh Results

On last Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 live eviction show, host Julie Chen interviewed special guest Kathy Griffin. Kathy revealed a new Big Brother twist called the Last Laugh. The Big Brother 17 Last Laugh twist grants one player the power to nullify three votes.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4-5

Big Brother fans know that sometimes only a few votes separate someone from safety and eviction. Therefore, this Last Laugh power can be a lifesaver for someone’s game. Earlier this week, Shelli Poole set her Big Brother 17 target at Da’Vonne Rogers.

Da’Vonne and Clay Honeycutt have had bad blood ever since a pointless argument in week one of Big Brother 2015. With Clay’s showmance partner in power, he took the opportunity to eliminate Da’Vonne this week.

After losing the Battle of the Block and Veto, Da’Vonne’s Big Brother life seemed near its end. By the grace of grod, Da’Vonne got a little spark of hope. Houseguests chose the order for answering the calls. The rumored order went as followed: Jason Roy, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Liz (Julia) Nolan, Meg Maley, Vanessa Rousso, Jeff Weldon, Da’Vonne, Austin Matelson, Jackie Ibarra, James Huling, Audrey Middleton, Shelli, Becky Burgess, Steve Moses, and Clay.

Kathy announced that the seventh caller would get the Last Laugh power. Because Da’Vonne was the seventh person to answer the call, she won the power. Things still seem a bit hopeless for Da’Vonne’s Big Brother 2015 life, but always expect the unexpected.

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