Rachel and Brendon Finally Stir up Their Trademark Drama on The Amazing Race

Well it took a few weeks, but Brendon and Rachel finally got into it with a couple of the other teams on The Amazing Race.  The duo continues to stay around the middle in the race, having not won first place in any of the legs yet, but also avoiding coming in last at all. 

As the teams were rushing through the airport this week, Brendon and Rachel shoved by the other teams which set off a few arguments directed at them.  The majority was with Ralph and Vanessa, with Vanessa hitting Rachel with the 1 liners about being 38 years old but still looking younger than Rachel, and also how Rachel should have had her nose done before her boobs.  All of this let to one of Rachel’s signature crying sessions.

Despite the drama, team Big Brother made the wise choice to do the “courtship” challenge that involved doing a traditional jumping ceremony in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.  From there they had to set up a complicated tent which had many teams breaking down, but Brendon and Rachel held it together to grab the 4th place spot.  This week ended up being another non elimination week, so there are still 6 teams going in the race.  Check out the next episode this Sunday at 7 on CBS.