Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Twin Twist Exposed

It was an eventful twenty-four hours in the Big Brother 2015 house. The main event involved the exposure of the Big Brother 17 twin twist.


On the Big Brother 17 premiere episode, host Julie Chen announced that a set of twins would play the game as one houseguest, switching in and out via the Diary Room. Successfully escaping eviction for five weeks meant they could enter the Big Brother house as separate players. With so many Big Brother superfans living in the house this season, we expected someone to figure it out before week 5.

Yesterday afternoon, Da’Vonne Rogers told Jason Roy that she suspected that Liz Nolan had a twin. She noticed some behavioral and physical differences between the two women. As her and Jason continued to speak about their suspicions, they became convinced of the twin’s twist.

By 4am PST last night, Da’Vonne and Jason spread their knowledge of the twist throughout the house. Only a few Big Brother 2015 houseguests remain clueless about it. One of those houseguests is Liz’s close ally Austin Matelson.


Most of the Big Brother 17 houseguests had shock reactions to the reveal. They ones who know about the twist plan to further investigate today in the house. They are going to test Julia Nolan’s knowledge of stories and events that happened within the house. Most of the Big Brother houseguests agreed to try to eliminate Liz next week to avoid letting the twist continue to week 5.

Another interesting twin twist related fact, revealed yesterday, is that Shelli Poole almost became this year’s twin twist. She revealed to Clay Honeycutt that the Big Brother production team originally wanted her to play the game with her twin brother.

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