Team Big Brother Overcome Adversity and Make the Final 5 in The Amazing Race

This week Brendon and Rachel had more of a challenge than usual in The Amazing Race, as they were the victims of a U-Turn dealt to them by the team of Art and J.J.  The U-Turn option was first available to the team of Dave and Rachel, who turned it down after seeing how far Brendon and Rachel were behind even after they made a deal with Art and J.J. to U-turn team Big Brother if the opportunity presented itself.

The choice made by Dave and Rachel caused obvious friction with Art and J.J. since they didn’t follow through on their deal.  Even though Rachel and Brendon were U-turned, they completed the extra task and survived elimination by coming in 4th place.  This new drama between the duos of Art and JJ/Dave Rachel may take some of the heat off Brendon and Rachel, although their other enemies Ralph and Vanessa also remain in the race.

Team Big Brother has made it to the final 5 teams!  If Rachel and Brendon can turn it up these last few weeks, they may soon be boasting about being not only great Big Brother players, but The Amazing Race as well.