Rachel and Brendon Come in Second Again, Can They Win The Amazing Race?

We didn’t expect to still be covering Brendon and Rachel’s quest to win The Amazing Race 9 legs in, but here we are and they are still surviving.  This week they even matched their other top performances by finishing second in this leg. 

With 5 teams remaining, they traveled to India to take part in a Bollywood dance routine.  Rachel chose to take on the challenge for Team Big Brother, and of course had a crying fit when she couldn’t get the routine down right away.  This wasn’t too bad of a blow up and Brendon was able to calm her down enough to get it done. While it seemed like the team of Mark and Bopper were going to quit the race when they couldn’t complete the dancing challenge, they opted to complete the challenge even though they knew they were in last place by far.  As it turns out, Mark and Bopper once again got lucky with a non-elimination week, so 5 teams will continue on next week in the race.

Judging by next week’s previews, it looks like one of Brendon and Rachel’s biggest enemies may have a major catastrophe occur as it appears Vanessa goes down to a major injury that could be bad enough to take Ralph and Vanessa out of the race.  If this happens, Rachel and Brendon will be in the final four and have a very serious shot at winning it all.  Tune in Sunday to CBS to see how it all unfolds on The Amazing Race.

  • http://blog.runningofthemouth.com/ Kevin

    I’m glad my life doesn’t revolve around the outcome of some prime-time “reality” show. People need to realize that these shows are anything but real…