Big Brother 2015 Episode 6 Recap: Clay and Shelli Target Da’Vonne

On Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, Jace Agolli became the first evictee of the season. Prior to his eviction, the house neared a major divide. Audrey Middleton planted seeds that created mistrust among all the Big Brother 17 houseguests. Players started to suspect Audrey’s dishonesty, and Da’Vonne Rogers finally held a meeting to expose it.


The Big Brother 2015 stage seemed set for Audrey’s eviction in week 2. This week, Becky Burgess and Shelli Poole won Heads of Household. The two of them immediately had different plans of attack for the week. One wanted Da’Vonne out, and the other Audrey.

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17 showed how their first day of Heads of Household played out.

Immediately following the Head of Household competition, Da’Vonne starts to worry that she might become the next target.

Flashback to Earlier in the Week:

Audrey told a group that Vanessa Rousso had masterminded an all-girls alliance. She then tried to place blame on Da’Vonne for the alliance rumor.


Later, Vanessa asks both Da’Vonne and Audrey about it. Audrey quickly blames Da’Vonne for spreading the rumor about Vanessa starting the alliance.

Da’Vonne gathers a group of houseguests to backup her claims that she did not spread the rumor, but Audrey did it. This turns everyone against Audrey.

Back to the Present

Becky sets out to get rid of Audrey. She begins talking to a bunch of players about making them the pawn for the week. However, Clay Honeycutt wants Da’Vonne out because he believes she does not trust him. He then goes to tell Shelli.

They decide they need a pawn to throw the Battle of the Block competition to ensure Da’Vonne gets eliminated. They decide John “Johnny Mac” McGuire is not a great competitor. Therefore a perfect pawn.


Shelli, Clay, and Jeff Weldon then try to convince Johnny Mac to throw the Battle of the Block to get out Da’Vonne. He agrees to it. However, in the DR he says he is not sure whether he will really throw the competition.

Nominations and Battle of the Block

Becky nominates Jason Roy and Steve Moses for eviction. Shelli nominates Da’Vonne and Johnny Mac. The entire time, Becky reassures Steve and Jason that they are safe and the plan is to backdoor Audrey.

Johnny Mac and Da’Vonne have a discussion about trying to win the competition. The entire time, Johnny keeps considering his options.


Give Me Props: For this competition, players are wearing outfits that force them to walk and work as one unit. They must memorize a list of items. Then they must point a camera to the correct item. The first players to correctly align their cameras in the correct order of the list wins.


Da’Vonne takes lead on her team with Johnny. She gets too aggressive and develops a bad strategy. Her plan basically costs them the win. However, Johnny Mac knows that Da’Vonne’s plan is a bad one and does not really try to help the situation.

The competition ends with Jason and Steve winning this weeks Battle of the Block. Becky gets dethroned.

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