Brendon and Rachel Make the Finals of The Amazing Race!

Brendon Rachel Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race has now gone through 10 weeks/legs, and next week is the season finale.  We are down to 4 teams in the race, and Big Brother’s own Rachel and Brendon are one of those teams.  This week Team Big Brother averted disaster as they given the choice to get a fast forward to the end……….if they were both willing to shave their heads!  Needless to say, Rachel was not willing to part with her hair (citing that “girls need hair to look pretty”) so they had to go on and do the regular tasks in the race which included decorating an elephant and then shoveling elephant manure.

Rachel’s unwillingness to shave her head could have cost them the entire race since Mark and Bopper did the fast forward but luckily for Rachel and Brendon, still narrowly came in last.  Rachel and Brendon went on to come in second, literally by being a few feet ahead of Ralph and Vanessa.  At the finish point Rachel and Vanessa were asked what problem they have with each other, and both hashed out their opinions and ended up shaking hands to supposedly “let it go.”

Next week is the big 2 hour season finale, as the final 4 teams of Brendon and Rachel, Ralph and Vanessa, Rachel and Dave, and Art and J.J. do battle to win the race.  The previews give us a sneak peak at a big game changer that goes down, as the team that actually arrives first did not complete all of the tasks, and is forced to go back and get it done before they can be first.

Team Big Brother has made it to the end, are you cheering on Brendon and Rachel to dominate yet another reality show?  Next week’s finale on CBS will be 2 hours, tune in to find out!