Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 2 Battle of the Block Results

The Big Brother 2015 houseguests had a long night. Heads of Household Shelli Poole and Becky Burgess set two different plans into motion. Shelli wanted to get Da’Vonne Rogers out of the Big Brother 17 house, but Becky wanted Audrey Middleton out. After nominating one target and pawns, the games began.


Immediately following the nominations, Da’Vonne became suspicious of the real plan. Jason Roy and Da’Vonne realized that Audrey was not Shelli’s real target: they were. Instead of an explosion, Da’Vonne kept her cool and ranted to Jason and James Huling about it. She also tried to get her fellow nominee John “Johnny Mac” McGuire to fight his hardest during the Battle of the Block competition.

Prior to his discussion with Da’Vonne, Johnny told Shelli and Clay Honeycutt that he would throw the competition, and he told Da’Vonne he would fight for their safety. During the late/early hours this morning, the Big Brother 2015 houseguests played the Battle of the Block competition. They resulted in Steve Moses and Jason winning it. This dethroned Becky as Head of Household.

Shelli remains the sole Head of Household. Later today, Johnny and Da’Vonne will face off to win the Power of Veto and guarantee one of them safety. If Da’Vonne wins the Veto, Shelli plans to backdoor Audrey. At least this is Shelli’s claim, but she has already shown that she is surprisingly still loyal to Audrey. She may aim her target this week at another player.

Yesterday Kathy Griffin announced that the newest twist: the Big Brother Last Laugh. If the house splits their votes, we could see someone other than the target for the week leaving the Big Brother 2015 house.

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