Brendon and Rachel Come in Third Overall in The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race 20 is a wrap, and the Big Brother team of Brendon and Rachel finished third in the race.  In the 2 hour finale, the final 4 teams would have to go through 2 final legs to win it all.  Rachel and Brendon made it to the final 3 after Ralph and Vanessa were eliminated after a sushi bingo challenge, but ended up in third place at the end after a mistake that briefly had them going the wrong way in the final leg. 

The final leg of the race was quite a challenge, as the teams had to scale up a 45 story building and then back down before taking a helicopter trip and sledding down a hill.  Rachel and Brendon had a few of their trademark fights and cry fests, but what kind of season finale would it have been without them.

Rachel (the other one) and Dave ending up winning The Amazing Race 20 even after first missing one of the roadblock challenges and having to go back and complete it before they could be checked in as the winners.

Love them or hate them, Rachel and Brendon represented Big Brother well in their effort by coming in third out of all the teams.  They also gave us something to follow in the off season since they made it all the way to the end.  They have taken over as the team that future Big Brother contestants who want to also be on The Amazing Race will compare to when talking about the Race.  Jeff and Jordan only lasted a few weeks in the Race, but Brendon and Rachel went all the way and made it to a respectable place in the end.  Congrats to Rachel and Brendon on a great job in the race, but a small part of us is happy that this will likely be the last we see of them on reality shows for a good while.