Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations-A Tale of Two Targets

Yesterday, the first eviction of Big Brother 2015 took place. The outgoing Head of Household James Huling had an eventful reign. It ended with foe-alliance member Jace Agolli up for eviction alongside Jackie Ibarra. With a vote of 12-1, Jace became the first victim evictee of Big Brother 17. Immediately following his eviction, two new houseguests were crowned Heads of Household: Shelli Poole and Becky Burgess.


Upset with Audrey Middleton’s constant lies, the Big Brother 2015 house made her enemy number one. However, Shelli and Clay Honeycutt remain a little loyal to Audrey. In addition, Clay still holds a grudge against Da’Vonne Rogers from their disagreement earlier in the week. The plan to evict Audrey may not be as straightforward as some hoped.

Prior to nominations, Shelli’s main target was Da’Vonne, with a plan to put up Jason Roy as a backup nominee if Da’Vonne won the Power of Veto. Becky had a completely different target and plan. She wants Audrey out. This is a rare occasion, because usually Heads of Households agree on their main target.

Both Shelli and Becky discussed with other houseguests their plans. Shelli, however, kept her true intentions of eliminating Da’Vonne, not Audrey, to herself. After clueing John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses on their pawn plays, they set out to nominate.

Shelli nominates John and Da’Vonne. Becky nominates Steve and Jason.

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