Big Brother 2015 Episode 5 Recap: Kathy Griffin Takes Over

Big Brother 17 started with a bang. In only a week, so much has happened in the Big Brother 2015 house. We witnessed alliances form and crumble, huge arguments, and a showmance in the making. Big Brother 2015 takes the phrase, “playing too hard, too fast,” or as Big Brother fans call it “pulling a Brian,” to the next level.


Tonight marked the first Big Brother 2015 eviction of the season. Head of Household James Huling successfully blindsided Jace Agolli by backdooring him. His actions completely set the season in motion for an explosive, unpredictable one. So did Jace or Jackie Ibarra leave the Big Brother 17 house? Read our recap below to find out.


James nominates Jace for eviction, and he immediately starts to have a bit of a breakdown. He confronts Audrey Middleton and James for lying to him about their alliance. Next, he campaigns for votes. Many of the Big Brother players listen to his pleas but no one plans to keep him in the house.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4-1

Finally, Audrey cannot take his campaigning anymore, so she reveals to him that the Big Brother 2015 house planned to vote him out from the start of the week. Jace does not believe her claims. He tells her that she is the next target, but she dismisses him.

Twin Twist

Host Julie Chen reveals that since Big Brother 17 started the twins have switched in and out of the house four times. She then shows the segment on Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan’s switches. Julie then announces that they will cast their vote together tonight, and switch live.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4-2

Live Votes and Eviction

Jace and Jackie give their speeches. Jackie keeps hers simple, but Jace tries to use it to throw some people under the bus and win votes.

Everyone votes to evict Jace, but Audrey throws in a rogue vote to evict Jackie. Jace becomes the first person evicted from the Big Brother 17 house by a vote of 12-1.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4-1

During Jace’s eviction interview, Julie tells him that Audrey was the rogue vote. Jace says that he loves all the houseguests, despite how intense he acted in the game. Julie also reveals the twin twist to him. It completely shocks him.

Takeover Week 2

Kathy Griffin comes on the screen to reveal to the Big Brother houseguests that she is taking over this week. Julie then interviews Kathy to talk more about it. They disclose that Kathy will appear throughout the week to start mini-twists, but the biggest twist for this week is the “last laugh” twist. For the Big Brother Last Laugh twist, Kathy will call the Big Brother phone several times. Whoever answers on the seventh call gets the power to eliminate three votes on Thursday’s eviction.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4-4

Ginger Fever: This Head of Household competition is played in two rounds. The first round includes Da’Vonne Rogers, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Becky Burgess, Steve Moses, and Liz (Julia). The players have to run from a box to a board to assemble a poster.

They can only carry one piece at a time as they run from the box to the board. The first player to assemble their poster, after each round, wins Head of Household.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4-5

Becky wins the first round. Shelli Poole wins the second round.

Kathy once again appears to the contestants to tease about the twists for the week.

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