First Big Brother 14 Commercial!

OK some of you may be saying this isn’t the first commercial, but basically this is the first full on commercial for Big Brother 14 as there have only been little mini teasers before.  This is the traditional yearly first commercial that lets everyone know that a new season of Big Brother is on the way!

As usual the commercial shows highlights from last season (Big Brother 13) and gets the hype going.  Feels so crazy that almost year ago we were anticipating legendary houseguests like Evel Dick and Daniele, Jeff and Jordan, and yes even Brendon and Rachel returning to the house.  Well things didn’t turn out so great last year, but the season did have its moments. 

Now a new season is upon us, and hopefully a full cast of new houseguests for what should be a great season.  The hype begins here, and we know many of you are just as excited as we are and are dying for this last month to go by!  The CBS show, the live feeds, Big Brother After Dark, it ALL starts on July 12!  Here is the first Big Brother 14 commercial just to get you warmed up: