Big Brother 2015 Episode 4 Recap: Power of Veto Competition; Everyone Loses It

On tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2015, everyone collectively lost their minds. It was a night with at least two tear filled Diary Room sessions, fake and real alliance formations, and the Big Brother paranoia starting to set in. Big Brother 17 will not be a season of subtle, quiet game play.


On last week’s Big Brother 2015, Head of Household James Huling set a plan in motion to backdoor Jace Agolli. He nominated pawns Steve Moses and Jackie Ibarra. He also formed an alliance with Da’Vonne Rogers, Jason Roy, and Audrey Middleton. After a week in the Big Brother 17 house, their alliance seemed as solid as a first week alliance can be on Big Brother. Tonight that changed.

Too Many Alliances, Too Fast

The alliance of James, Da’Vonne, Jason, and Audrey decide to add two more members to it: Clay Honeycutt and Meg Maley. The alliance goes well for about five minutes.


To prepare for a future counting comp, Da’Vonne walks around the Big Brother house counting things. Clay and Sheli Poole are lying around a room when Da’Vonne walks pass them. They whisper about it. Soon, Jeff Weldon shows up and asks them why Da’Vonne just walked into “his room.”

When she comes out, he questions her about it. Da’Vonne angrily leaves because she heard Clay and Shelli whispering. She then rants about it to Audrey and Jason. Jeff comes in the room to try to make amends for asking her about the room. She tells him that it was not about him, but implies that her anger was towards Clay.


Jeff then goes to tell Clay about it. In a huff, Clay walks into the room to discuss it with Da’Vonne. Things deteriorate from there. To rectify the situation, separately, Audrey tells both of them to make up for the sake of their new alliance. They do it, but both hold a secret grudge against each other.


Austin Matelson notices that Jace seems to be rubbing people the wrong way. Therefore, he decides to try to get him and Jace to form an alliance with James. Audrey happens to be in the Head of Household room too.


They talk about forming a new alliance called “Cloudtown.” Audrey and James are just telling Jace what he wants to hear. He is still their target.

Power of Veto Competition:

Becky Burgess, John “Johnny Mac” Mcguire, and Jason are picked to play in the Veto competition, along with nominees Jackie and Steve, and the Head of Household James.

The competition involves them running through water and digging through dirt to find letters. They then must use the letters to assemble a word. Each letter contains a point value. They have ten minutes to collect their letters and spell out a word.

At the end of the competition, Steve wins by getting 12 points for spelling the word “trombonists.”


Audrey decides that with Da’Vonne and Clay fighting, they may need more alliance members. Late at night, she wakes up Shelli, Jeff, and even Clay to get them to have a new alliance and early morning meeting.

This makes James start to question Audrey as a player.

Final Straw


During the Veto competition, Steve uses the veto to remove himself from the block. Jace becomes the replacement nominee.

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