Big Brother Canada is Finally on the Way

Big Brother Canada

Many countries have had their own versions of Big Brother for years now, but Canada has always been the country that hasn’t had its own and instead only aired the U.S. version.  Well all that is officially changing because Big Brother Canada is set to debut during the 2012/2013 broadcast season.

The allure for a Canadian edition of Big Brother by many is probably the fact that it would be the most similar to the U.S. version, and give fans in both countries another Big Brother season to follow.  Big Brother Canada is set to air on the “Slice Network,” and Endemol (the same producers behind the U.S. Big Brother) will handle the show along with Canada’s Insight Productions.  It remains to be seen if U.S. fans will be able to follow in any fashion, but live feeds for this version would be a very interesting concept.

Hopefully we in the U.S. will also be able to see the show somehow and get even more of our Big Brother fix.  It should be interesting to see if the show is similar to the current product we’ve see during the last few seasons of our Big Brother, or if the show is a little less organized or formatted in a different way like earlier editions of Big Brother due to it being a new thing for Canada.  We will update when we get more official details on when Big Brother Canada is set to air.