BB16 Live Feed Update: Caleb’s Countdown to Meltdown

Caleb melting downIt’s been evident  probably since week one of Big Brother 16 that Caleb has pretty much been obsessed with fellow houseguest Amber; his non stop persistence of some sort of relationship despite the fact that she has shut the idea down in every way and never even made it seem like a possibility has become a source of pathetic humor for Big Brother fans far and wide.  But now Amber is on the block and a Caleb meltdown may not be far behind her probable exit, but the question has been who will feel the brunt of the “Beastmode Cowboy’s” fury?

This past week, things have become even more confusing as the saga between Caleb and Amber continues to twist and turn and some the houseguests continue to manipulate the situation.  Last week, Caleb had a “date” with Amber in the backyard and made another attempt at telling her how he felt (as if she doesn’t know 10 times over by now) and Amber smiled to be nice but didn’t commit to anything as usual.  In all this, it later got back to Caleb that Amber said she was just being nice and that’s the only reason she accepted going on the date.  Caleb of course was devastated by this news and ignored Amber for a few days over it.  This is how the idea came about to put Amber up as Victoria’s replacement on the block, but in Caleb’s mind it was just to “scare” Amber and bring her back to the “Bomb Squad” he thinks is still together for the most part.

On the flip side, the other side of the house has been manipulating the situation and has been targeting Amber all along.  Their cover was almost blown two nights ago when Caleb and Amber actually spoke and cleared the air, and in the process a few details were revealed that made them both realize that Frankie was the one stirring the pot and Zach was doing a lot of the dirty work.  Caleb apologized to Amber for his part in getting her put up, and it seemed like he would be campaigning to help her stay this week initially.  After some heated conversations, it really wasn’t clear which route Caleb was going to take.

BB16 CalebWHICH brings us to last night on the live feeds.  Amber decided it was a good idea to tell Cody that if she stayed her target would be Caleb because he is “messing with her game.” Of course Cody ran back and told everyone this tidbit to the rest of the group who were simultaneously debating on whether they should tell Caleb that Amber was the target beforehand or just blindside him with her eviction and risk him going after all of them because of it.  Cody’s tidbit of info. made all the difference in their decision, and it was decided that they would tell Caleb that the plan is to indeed evict Amber.

As they prepare to tell Caleb of their decision it really was not known how Caleb would react; would he go off on all of them?  Would he break down crying since he still thinks him and Amber some kind of couple?  Or would he just agree with them as to not go against the group?  The approach was telling Caleb that Amber told Cody he was her target, which upon hearing this news Caleb stood up with tears in his eyes and stormed out of the room.  After returning not long after, Caleb made it clear that he plans on going off on Amber due to this news, and plans on doing so during the live eviction on CBS! 

Caleb being the loose cannon that he is originally wanted to start pranking Amber right away by dumping ice water on her and such but was talked out of it by the other guys.  As it stands now, Caleb has asked production about being able to address Amber during the live show and it’s unclear how he plans on doing it.  Depending on how the wind blows that day, Caleb could take the “high road” instead and not say anything to Amber at all, or he could even break down as he sees her walk out the door knowing that she won’t be waiting for him in the jury house.  None the less, we are likely to see some sort Caleb meltdown in the next 24 hours, so be sure to tune in to CBS for this week’s live eviction!