Big Brother 2015 Episode 3 Recap: Battle of the Block and Nominations

Wednesday and Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 episodes were all about introducing this year’s players and game. We met a Rockstar dentist, a former wrestler, and one half of a secret twin duo.


The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan took over Big Brother 17 for the week to introduce the final houseguests: Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon from The Amazing Race 26. He also had another twist to introduce that we saw unfold tonight on Big Brother 2015.

On tonight’s Big Brother, James Huling and Jason Roy used their power to set a plan in motion to take out a strong competitor. The two Heads of Households already had their eye on one person, but encouraged by a few other players put their strategy into effect.



Early on Austin Matelson and Jace Agolli form a bromance. They even recite ‘bro codes’ to one another. Their bromance blossoms into a full blown alliance, one they name Shelltown.

The Big Brother Fast Forward

The Big Brother 17 takeover music plays and Phil comes on the screen. He tells Da’Vonne Rogers and Vanessa Rousso that their prize for not playing in the Head of Household competitions are Big Brother Fast Forwards. This prize allows them to fast forward a week, basically it guarantees their safety for the week.


They also each need to select a player to give the BB Fast Forward to to protect this week. Da’Vonne and Vanessa talk to all the players. They both decide to reward those who offered them some sort of protection. Vanessa gave the pass to Austin; Da’Vonne gave it to Liz Nolan.

Da’Vonne assures her alliance members, Shelli Poole and Audrey Middleton, that she won’t use it on them only to keep the attention off their secret alliance.



Da’Vonne catches Shelli and Clay Honeycutt flirting. This makes her realize that Shelli is more invested in a showmance than winning the game. She talks to Audrey about keeping Shelli on the outside of the alliance. They then talk about how strong of a competitor Jace is, and how they need to get him out.

Meanwhile, James and Jason have been discussing getting out Jace as well. Audrey and Da’Vonne approach Jason and James about forming an alliance. They then discuss backdooring Jace.


Jason and James talk to several players about being pawns for the week. A few of them agree, but Steve Moses is completely against it. He knows people are worried about him because he looks like Ian Terry.

Nominations and Battle of the Block

Jason nominates Becky Burgess and John ‘Johnny Mac’ McGuire. James nominates Jackie and Steve.

DuBob: The nominees must travel on moving beams, from one side to the other, carrying blocks. They must then follow a diagram to build a block skyscraper. If they fall off, they must restart at the first beam.


At first, Jackie and Steve are doing horribly because Steve keeps falling off. Eventually, Steve figures out a way to safely cross it (by crawling).

Eventually, the game gets close, but Becky and Johnny Mac pull off the victory. Jason gets dethroned. This leaves Steve and Jackie as nominees, and James as HOH.

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