Big Brother 14 to be “Supersized” – Most Houseguests Ever!

Well CBS has dropped the first bomb on the Big Brother community in the form of the first real bit of information on season 14!  In this new promo, it is revealed that Big Brother 14 will be “Supersized”….meaning we are going to have more houseguests than ever!  So it appears that for the first time we will have at LEAST 17 people in the house to kick off the season.  This number of people in the house will be crazy to see, and there is still no confirmation on the actual number we will see.

But that’s not all.  If the news that this season will feature a record number of houseguests wasn’t enough, the promo also tells us we will be getting “not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR huge surprises” as well.  This news of course has the Big Brother community buzzing with thoughts on what this might mean.  Of course the first thought is that 4 former houseguests will return, but at this point it could be any kind of twist or changes in the game this year.  Our one hope is that we don’t get the same people from last year that watered the show down. 

The speculation will run rampant for the next couple of weeks as more information slowly creeps in.  With so many houseguests and 4 huge surprises, anything can happen at this point.  Keep in mind you can click here for the live feed early bird discount and lock in your feeds, because it sounds like this year Big Brother is going all out to bring us one of the craziest seasons yet!  Check out the “Big Brother Supersized” promo below: