Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Cast Intro Video Released

Tonight a new episode of Big Brother 17 airs. On Wednesday and Thursday we met the 16 (17 counting the twins twist) contestants who will be competing for half-a-million dollars. After viewing hours of Big Brother 2015 cast videos, we were already excited about this cast’s potential.


The live feeds just got us more excited about them. Before we can get to all the live feeds drama, tonight we need to revisit what happened before they started on Big Brother 2015.

The Big Brother Battle of the Block and nominations will air on Sunday’s show. CBS in collaboration with Mashable released a major sneak peek of the episode.

In Big Brother 16, to honor the new HD feature, CBS redid their usual Big Brother introductions. It included houseguests doing poses in front of a green screen that featured water in various colors.

The Big Brother 17 introduction is almost an exact copy of the Big Brother 16 one. We see the Big Brother 17 cast doing very similar actions and poses that occurred in last year’s intro. It even shows the front to back cast members switch off. This mimicking of last year’s introduction confirms that this will likely be Big Brother’s model for a while.

What do you think of Big Brother 17’s introduction? (Click the Mashable link to see the video)

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