Top 10 Hottest Female Big Brother Houseguests of All Time

This is it. The list. And forevermore the definitive list. Meaning all other lists are void and meaningless. This is the only list that matters. This is being made official. Why do I hold such power and way that makes this the official list? Simple. I have been there since Day 1. Season 1. Episode 1. I have been there. Through the highs and the lows, the good and the bad. Also I am awesome. Which is why this list is even more official. Now, onto the list….

10. Danielle Reyes – Big Brother 3
Not sure what it was, but there was something. She resembled that chick Angela from Boy Meets World. And she was hot!

Big Brother Danielle Reyes

 9. Keesha Smith – Big Brother 10
Nothing much to say here.

Big Brother Keesha

8. Laura Crosby – Big Brother 11
Yeah, nothing here either. Just hot.

BB11 Laura Crosby

7. Daniele Donato – Big Brother 8/13
Should have won last year. Would be higher on this list if she wasn’t so whiney and started more trouble.

BB Daniele Donato

6. Erika Landin – Big Brother 4

 BB4 Erika Landin

5. Jen Johnson – Big Brother 8
Poor Jen. Tormented by Evil Dick. Which blocked what could have been some even hotter moments by her, but instead she just started crying. Girls aren’t very pretty when they cry.

BB8 Jen Johnson

4..Janelle Pierzina – Big Brother 6
Crazy hotness, mixed with some pretty epic moments in Big Brother history.

BB Janelle Pierzina

3. Porsche Briggs – Big Brother 13
The weird thing about Porsche is it seemed like as the season went on, she got hotter and hotter.

BB Porsche Briggs

2. Cassi Colvin – Big Brother 13
This was a close one, but there is one thing that cost Cassi the top spot, she smoked all the time. Smoking is too gross.

BB Cassi Colvin

1. Britney Haynes – Big Brother 12
She earns this spot a lot more than just because Cassi was a smoker. Britney had natural hotness. Most Big Brother houseguests needed some make up and hair work done in order to enhance the hotness. Britney was that girl that in just some sweats and eating a bowl of cereal she remained hot. And she was funny. One of the funniest houseguests in the history of the show. And when you add good looks on top of being hilarious, its unbeatable.

BB Britney Haynes

So there we have it. The official top 10. It will be interesting to see what lies in store this season. Will someone get bumped from the top 10 to make way for someone new? We shall see!

Mr. Skin
  • Chele Hayes

    Where are Jordan and Elissa? Wow. Beauty is on the inside, too. Pretty is as pretty does.

  • Big Brother Fans Blog

    This list was posted before Elissa was on the show, but Jordan is far and away THE most requested person that didn’t make the list; definitely time for an update to this!