Big Brother 2015 Premiere Recap Night 2: An Amazing Race Takeover

Tonight Big Brother kicked off its second premiere night. We witnessed the remaining houseguests enter it. We also got some Amazing Race related twists. Yesterday, the first eight Big Brother 17 players entered, played the first HOH competition, and started forming alliances.

bb17-Jeff and Jackie

This put the second half of the Big Brother 17 cast at an already big disadvantage. But if Big Brother 16 showed us anything, it’s that what happens the first night really doesn’t matter. It is the first week that defines players.

Becky Burgess, Jason Roy, John McGuire, Liz Nolan, and Steve Moses are the final six Big Brother 17 players to enter the game. Big Brother 2015 host Julie Chen tells them that eight players already entered. They also learned about the two new twists. Julie tells them about it and picks the first three to enter the house: Liz, Becky and Steve. The rest soon follow them.

BB17-Final 6

They introduce themselves to the first set of Big Brother 2015 houseguests. After the meet and greet, Jace Agolli mentions how there are two seats open at the table. Players begin to speculate who could be these final players.

Julie then brings out The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan. We see a series of clips from when Big Brother couples Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, and Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas competed on The Amazing Race. Phil wants to return the favor by giving Big Brother two of their players.


He introduces Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra from The Amazing Race. On their season, they competed as a blind date duo. This prompts Julie to ask them about their romantic status. Jeff says they’re close friends but not romantically linked.

The Big Brother 2015 “takeover” music plays and the houseguests quickly run to the living room. Phil gets on the screen to introduce Jeff and Jackie into the house. Steve immediately recognizes them and hopes that their pair status will make them a target.


UFOHNo Pt 2.
Before the competition begins, another Big Brother 2015 player must sit out of it. No one wants to do it but Vanessa suddenly volunteers. The houseguests then agree not to nominate either her or Da’Vonne Rogers this week.

The competition revolves around players holding on to a pole, while a string pulls on them. The weight of the pull gets heavier and heavier every time the “aliens” beam down on them.


They also get dumped with green slime. Steve comes off first. Next Jeff, then John, and Becky fall off. This leaves Jackie, Liz, and Jason. Jackie starts to get pulled off faster than Liz or Jason, but she manages to regain her grip on the pole. Liz comes off next.

Jason quickly tells Jackie that she can come off because he will not put her up this week. She takes the deal. Jason becomes the second Head of Household for the week. Before the night ends, Phil reappears on the screen to hint to Da’Vonne and Vanessa that they may get a reward for sitting out of this week’s Head of Household competition.

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