Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 1 Nominations; A Backdoor Plan?

Big Brother 17 live feeds have finally arrived. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so here. When Big Brother 2015 ended last night, everything was happy and great for the new houseguests. Now over a week into the Big Brother 17  house, the game has started and true alliances have formed.

BB2015- Julie

On Big Brother 2015’s premiere episodes James Huling and Jason Roy became the first two Heads of Household of the season. The Battle of the Block already took place leaving only two nominees. Those nominees are Jackie Ibarra and Steve Moses.

We also learned that Jason was dethroned during the Battle of the Block, leaving James as the only remaining head of household. It seems like John McGuire and Becky Burgess were Jason’s nominees and won Battle of the Block.

Some other interesting early feed news includes the fact that Vanessa Rousso apparently won safety (maybe as part of her reward for not playing in the HOH competition), and she gave it to Austin Matelson. He cannot be nominated this week. Even though Steve and Jackie are nominated, it seems like a possible backdooring plan is in motion, or people trying to set one in motion. Audrey wants Jace Agolli out. Jace wants Jeff  Wheldon out. James seems on board to backdoor Jace, at least that is the plan he keeps telling Shelli Poole and Jackie.

We also have some of our first alliances, Shelltown (Austin and Jace), and there seems to be one between Clay Honeycutt and Audrey.

The Have-Nots for the week are Da’Vonne Rogers, Austin, Becky, and Liz Nolan. They’re sleeping on a Have-Not room decorated like a dentist’s office. We’re sure John loves that room.

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