First Look at the Big Brother 14 House!

Big Brother 14 is just around the corner, and as is the yearly tradition, the countdown is kicking off with pics and video of the BB14 house!  Not only have pics been released, but we also have a tour of the entire house thanks to Superpass that features host Spicy giving us a look at every part of the new house.

The BB14 house is looking very bright and colorful, and Spicy described the theme as “Tokyo Pop.”  A few interesting tidbits we noticed along the tour include the pool table being gone (at least at this point,) the chess game is now in the “arcade room,” and both the “have not” room and the Pandora’s Box room were locked so anything could happen with those rooms.

 Below is the full Superpass house tour video, keep in mind there are also exclusive interviews with the Big Brother producers and Julie Chen herself currently on Superpass (Click Here to subscribe and save with the early bird special.)  You can also check out the full set of house pictures on