Video: Big Brother 14 Press Day

Pre-Big Brother 14 coverage continues as we now bring you video of the yearly Big Brother Press Day!  Members of the press get to enter the Big Brother house every year and play a full round of Big Brother, from HOH and nominations to POV and evictions.  This year the press houseguests even got to experience a twist, as Julie popped up on the screen to tell them they would be playing this year for the first time with 2 of Big Brother’s most notorious houseguests!

The doorbell rang and Julie’s warning was true, as Brendon and Rachel walked though the door to join in the game.  Seeing those two walk through the door AGAIN just makes us hope that they won’t be doing it again this season.  At least for press day Brenchel weren’t as obnoxious as normal, most likely due to this just being a mini Big Brother game for fun. 

It turned out the press people feel like most of us, and put Brendon and Rachel on the block, eventually sending Rachel out the door.  CBS has videos of the full day up, check out the first part below as the press enters the BB14 house: