Big Brother 2015 Premiere Recap: 3 Twists and a Win

Tonight Big Brother 2015 prepared for an exciting season, as the first night of premiere week kicked off. Host Julie Chen unleashed two major twists on the first set of Big Brother 17 houseguests. She also let’s the viewers in on one major twists from Big Brother‘s glory twist days.

BB17 Premiere-Blood Red

Missed the Big Brother 17 premiere action? Then read our full recap below.

We meet the first eight houseguests: Audrey Middleton, Austin Matelson, Clay Honeycutt, Da’Vonne Rogers, Jace Agolli, Shelli Poole, Jame Huling, and Meg Maley. We see these houseguests in their various hometowns as they prepare to enter the Big Brother house. Zoom ahead, Julie picks the first four Big Brother 17 houseguests to enter the house: Clay, Austin, Shelli, and Da’Vonne. Meg, James, Jace and Audrey then enter it.

Per usual, the Big Brother 2015 houseguests sit in a circle and introduce themselves. A few of the interesting Big Brother 17 tidbits are:


  • Clay and Shelli talk a lot about being attracted to one another. A showmance in the making?
  • Da’Vonne tells the houseguests that she’s a second grade teacher, instead of admitting her true profession as a poker dealer.
  • Austin also plays up his wrestling injuries and doesn’t admit that most of them have healed now.
  • Audrey then tells everyone that she’s transgender. Everyone compliments her for her bravery and journey. Some of the contestants even ask her more about her background and history. She talks about her parents being confused about it all at first but eventually growing to accept her.

During downtime,

While sitting in a room alone, Audrey suggests to Da’Vonne and Shelli that they form a secret alliance. They all agree to it.

The guys sit in the room talking about cookies and working out.


Later, Julie gathers all the houseguests to the living room to reveal the first twist. She tells them that the Battle of the Block returns this season. Julie then needs everyone to get ready to start the first Head of Household competition for the week. One person must sit out of the competition. Da’Vonne quickly volunteers, but with the condition that none of them nominate her this week. Everyone agrees to it.

UfOhNo: The houseguests must stand on a moving board against a wall. Then tomatoes (red balls) gets thrown at them. They must catch the balls and then place them in a tube. The first player to fill up his or her tube becomes the first Head of Household. If a player falls off the wall, they’re immediately eliminated.


Within the first minute of the competition, Clay, Austin, and Meg fall off the wall. As the competition continues, the remaining players get sprayed with tomato juice that covers them all in red and makes them look like a scene from Carrie.

James quickly takes the lead, but eventually it becomes a three-way tie between him Jace, and Audrey. They all have 5 balls. Shelli is not too far behind with three balls. Then James gains even more of a lead. He needs two more balls to win but he and all the remaining contestants fall off at the same time. The Big Brother 2015 producers must revisit the tapes to see who actually won.

BB17-James wins

After a commercial break, Julie declares James the first Head of Household. She then, once again, gathers everyone to the sofas. Julie tells them that every week there will be a new twist as part of Big Brother “takeover.” She informs them that every time a certain song plays, they must gather in the living room and a new twist will be entered into the game.

Julie also informs the fans that another twist will happen this season called the Twins Twist. Two houseguests are secretly playing as one. They will switch in and out throughout the game (via the Diary Room). If they can survive elimination for five weeks, they will get to play separately. Julie doesn’t tell viewers who the twins are but tells fans to see if they can guess.

BB17-Twist revealed

Tomorrow we will meet the remaining houseguests. You can get a sneak peek at the rest of the Big Brother 17 houseguests here, and read our assessment of them here and here.

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