Big Brother 2015: First Impressions of the Cast Part 2

CBS filled the Big Brother 17 house with a lot of entertaining and smart contestants. Thankfully, this season of Big Brother appears to have one of its strongest batch of female contestants. So we don’t expect a strong male alliance to dominate the Big Brother 2015 house. However, Big Brother 17 does have a lot of potential winners within their male contestants.

Big Brother 17: Steve Moses

We continue our assessment of the Big Brother 17 houseguests by looking at this year’s men. If you missed our assessment of the Big Brother 2015 women, read it here.

Big Brother 17: Men

Austin Matelson


Austin seems like a good strategic player and entertaining one. We predict that he will bring golden moments to the feed watchers, but also really smart game moves. As he notes, Austin’s biggest obstacle will be his size. However, he already cleverly planned for how to tackle this issue: play up his injury to seem like less of a physical threat.

Unless one of the twists severely hinders Austin’s game, we predict that he makes it far in the season.

Clay Honeycutt


How can we not compare Clay to Shane Meaney and Cody Calafiore? Clay fits right into that good looking, sweet, loyal guy category. Clay claims that he is a superfan because he binge watched the last eight seasons. We are a little skeptical about this claim, but it will show when he actually plays the game this summer. Hopefully, Clay finds his ruthlessness and becomes a more compelling player than similar Big Brother houseguests.

Jace Agolli


Jace seems a lot more mature than the typical surfer dude archetype that Big Brother loves to put on the series. He also seems really knowledgable about the show. Jace’s need for extreme situations and competitiveness could become his biggest game downfall.

We hope Jace knows how to stay under the radar and control himself enough to not show his physical strengths too soon. Jace seems very precise and careful with his words, so that could become his Big Brother 17 secret weapon.

James Huling


James seems like a slightly more level headed version of Caleb Reynolds. Overall, he could get easily manipulated, and will rub some people the wrong way with his brutal honesty. However, he seems like a genuine, family guy, which will easily make him likable to many of the Big Brother 17 houseguests. Nevertheless, James also seems like an early evictee candidate.

Jason Roy


Jason’s interview videos were some of the most entertaining ones, which says a lot considering how well the casting department did with casting Big Brother 2015. He will be feed and diary room gold. As a player, Jason seems prime to float until the end. Hopefully he makes a couple big moves on his own to make us root for him as a potential Big Brother 17 winner.

John “Johnny Mac” McGuire

BB17-Johnny Mac

John is definitely going to be a Diary Room screamer. He seems a bit insane, in the best possible way, so we expect him to be one of the more entertaining players. John’s quirks definitely might divide the viewers and the houseguests. We expect some players (and viewers) to absolutely love him, and the other half to absolutely hate him. We doubt people will be neutral to John. He just needs the right people to like him.

As a competitor, we find John hard to read. His strategy (talk to people about teeth) seemed bizarre, but it could actually be effective.

Steve Moses


Steve and Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry seem like long lost twins. But Steve has a little more composure than Ian. The Ian comparison should actually hurt Steve’s game, because the many Big Brother superfans in the house this season will worry about him winning in the end, just like Ian.

Preseason Players Most Likely to Win: Austin, Jace, Jason, Vanessa, and Da’Vonne,

Honorable Mention: Audrey and Steve.

Audrey answers impressed us but we fear that she overestimates her manipulation skills. During her preseason interviews, her facial gestures and body language said a lot more than her words did.

Steve knows the game and developed a smart strategy, but he reads too much like Ian. The houseguests may let him slide for a few weeks, but a more sly player (like Vanessa) will surely make him a huge target before Big Brother 17 reaches its finals.

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