The BB14 Houseguests Have Entered the House!

It is the final weekend before the BB14 premiere and as is the tradition every year, the houseguests entered the house today and Big Brother 14 is officially underway!  Of course we won’t get to see any of it until Thursday when the first CBS show airs and from there we kick off of live feeds and After Dark on Sho2. 

CBS released this pic which shows Kara, Joe, and what looks to be JoJo and another male entering the house.  They always give us just enough so that we know the season has started…….but we can’t watch yet!  As of this writing there is probably already an HOH, and the houseguests most likely know about the rumored “mentor” twist.  We are only a few days from being able to catch up on these first few days on the CBS show, then it’s full on madness watching what looks to be a great cast of houseguests live 24/7! 

There are still just a few days left to get the Early Bird Special for live feeds and save 25% (Click Here for the special) and this week we will be bringing you all the preseason hype you can handle.  This pic really makes all of us realize that we are only a few days away!