BB16 HOH Competition Spoilers: The New HOHs This Week are…..

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**

Big Brother 16 HOHIt is very rare for an HOH competition that isn’t an endurance competition to actually go over the TV time and have to cut off before the end, but that’s exactly what happened on tonight’s episode as the intense “true/false” competition kept going and going.

After numerous questions, there were still 5 houseguest standing and Julie had to cut it short due to TV time constraints and the rest of the competition will air on Sunday.  We’ve been on the live feeds and can confirm that Donny and Nicole are this week’s HOHs!  This should be good for entertainment value since we’ve needed a shakeup with HOHs that are outside the big alliance in the house. 

As of now, Donny and Nicole have decided to bring Hayden in to help them make decisions and it appears like the three of them realize what’s going on as far as who is dominating the game right now.  It looks like all are agreeing that Caleb or Frankie should go this week, and it all boils down to how to go about getting that done. 

Seeing either Caleb or Frankie sweat it out on the block should be interesting to see, and will shake up the monotony of seeing the same people on the block every week.  Finally we could see an underdog make a big move in the game and should amp up the emotions in the game.  Don’t forget you can still get a free 2 day trial of the live feeds and follow all the action as it unfolds!