First BB14 Cast Group Pic!

Here it is……the first look at the BB14 cast as a group!  This pic is tradition on Big Brother week, and once again drills it in our heads that Big Brother is underway even though we can’t watch any of it yet!   We get to see the cast in their swimwear (if you can call what Wil is wearing swimwear,) but of course there is one big obvious tease that really separates this year’s group pic.

As you can see, the four returning houseguests are seen….kind of.  They are holding up a towel so only their legs are visible, which of course is causing yet another frenzy of Big Brother fans trying to guess who they are.  Judging by the CBS site blacking out possible returnees, we are possibly looking at the female legs of Janelle, Britney, or Rachel (please not Rachel.)  You can study this pic for yourself and see who you think they are, but no matter what this pic mega anticipation for the season to start!