Huge BB14 Spoilers: The 4 Returning Houseguests Revealed!

***Warning – Spoilers ahead, do not read this post if you want to be surprised***

We are officially one day away from kicking off Big Brother 14!  The hype has been bigger than it has been in years, much in part to the fact that we have 4 returning houseguests from previous seasons that had yet to be revealed.  Well last night a legitimate leak of the live feeds broke, and screen caps were seen that confirmed that the 4 returning houseguests are indeed: Mike “Boogie” Malin, Janelle Pierzina, Dan Gheesling, and Britney Haynes!  (We didn’t want to post pics since some readers may want to be surprised, but you can see the screen shots over at if you are interested.)

So now we officially know the four that will return to the house tomorrow night, now the only question that remains to be seen is if the mentor twist is true.  If so, the 4 will pick teams and mentor them which will definitely change up the normal game play.  Dan and Boogie are former Big Brother winners while Britney and Janelle both had great runs in the game, so it should be very interesting to see how they all interact with the new highly diverse BB14 cast.

Remember, Big Brother 14 premieres tomorrow night (7/12/12) on CBS and Big Brother After Dark on Sho 2 and the live feeds will kick off tomorrow night as well.  Today is the LAST day to get the Early Bird Special price on feeds (Click Here for 20% off) so be sure and lock those in before it all begins tomorrow night!