Why You Should Buy Your SuperPass Big Brother Live Feeds Right Now

Big Brother Feeds Britney***Update: The Early Bird Special is over, but you can still Click Here for a 3 day free trial of the Big Brother live feeds***

If you have been following us or any other Big Brother 14 related blogs, twitter, or facebook accounts, you know that Real Pass offers Live Feeds for following all the Big Brother action that you can’t see on TV. You also know that the SuperPass Live Feed is a subscription service that does cost money. If you are like me, you probably don’t like spending money. Heck, you probably read blogs like this one so that you can find out what is happening for free. That is fine and understandable. First and Foremost, We are BIG BROTHER SUPERFANS! We love watching and writing about everything Big Brother related. We watch the feeds, we watch Big Brother After Dark on Showtime, and we read all the other blogs and twitter feeds of past Big Brother contestants and producers. We have no problem sharing everything we can with our readers and do not expect anything in return. We love writing these posts and responding to your comments and talking to you on facebook and twitter. We will keep doing that even if our readers buy 0 feed subscriptions from our site.

If you read other Big Brother sites, you probably have been overwhelmed with many pleas for you to order their feeds, especially with the Early Bird Special going on. As I said, we read a lot of the other sites, too. We are fans and try to make friends with other Big Brother Fans. We are about Community not Competition. We can’t help but notice ALL of the tweets and sales posts practically begging you to buy the Feeds. You probably find that annoying. So we are NOT going to do that.

Big Brother Live FeedsHowever, if you ARE going to buy the feeds or even thinking about it, we would really appreciate it if you would purchase your subscription from one of our links. If you find value in anything that we do, it would mean a lot to us. For the past 6 seasons we have put a lot of time and passion into covering every Big Brother season. We spend a lot of time on this blog and working on our twitter, facebook, and podcast. We have two very passionate friends, Tony and Devon, who help us put on our Friday podcasts. Together we have tried our best to bring on great guests and callers, including past contestants, relatives and other Big Brother insiders. Keep in mind that we are fans just like you. We do not have any special access to Big Brother, and we do not have any ties or connections to people in the television or media business. Nor do we have any funding or investors helping us grow the site so we can make fast cash. We are fans and we invite other fans to interact and contribute to the Big Brother Fans Blog experience. Our goal is to build a great community of Big Brother Fans of all types.

If you at all interested in buying the Live Feeds Subscription, You Should Do it Tonight.

Here are the Reasons Why:

1.The Early Bird Special is a Great Deal, and REALLY is a Limited Time Offer:
We have been watching Big Brother for several years and see the Early Bird Specials come and go every season. After the show starts, They ALWAYS raise the price. This isn’t one of those internet sales tricks you see on a lot of websites, where the clock always restarts and the “special sale” goes on forever. They offer the Early Bird, and when it’s gone- it’s gone. Right now the Early Bird Special gets you Feeds for the Whole Season for just $29.99. This is the 3 month plan, with a regular price of $39.99. That is a savings of $10 or 25% off the normal season package price. If you order the month to month plan, you would need to pay for 3 months to see all of the action for the full season. That would cost you $44.97. So you can Save up to $15 or 33% Off with the Early Bird Special.

2. You See What They Won’t Show You on CBS and What We Can’t Show You Here
The CBS show Big Brother is a Prime Time show on a major network in the United States. There are obviously many things they can’t show you on TV.  A lot of us watch Big Brother for the drama and some of the ..other things that might happen when a bunch of mostly young, extroverted, and attractive people live in a house together isolated from the outside world. The Fights. The “Love.” You get the idea. It’s Entertainment. You simply can’t see a lot of the most exciting stuff on TV, and we think the Big Brother 14 Cast looks pretty exciting. Also, due to copyright and Terms of Service policies, there are a lot of things that we can’t show you on this blog. We will certainly try our best to share the play by play and our thoughts, but there’s nothing like “Being There” to See the Live 24/7 Uncensored Action inside the Big Brother House.

3. Special Features: Flashback Access and Free Access on Smartphones:
Miss what happens live? No Problem. You can use the “Flashback” option with your subscription to rewind and see stuff you missed. Also, starting tomorrow you can access the feed on your smartphone for free. They used to charge extra fees for this. The SuperPass subscription has built-in features to make sure you never need to miss a thing.

Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!

4. The 3 Day Free Trial- Tis Better to Order Early than Too Late:
All of the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Subscription Options have a 3 day free trial.  Cancel Anytime. According to SuperPass ( see details: here), if you cancel anytime during the free trial they will not charge your card. So, if you aren’t sure if you wan’t to subscribe to the feeds or even think you would absolutely HATE spending $29.99 of your hard-earned money to watch uncensored action of a bunch of Playboy models, hot young studs, past superstar contestants, rockers, nerds, and “a Wil” cavorting in a Summer house completely covered with cameras- why not check out the free trial and see if it’s worth your while? No obligation. On the other hand, if you find out this season is really exciting a few days in and decide you want the Live Feeds now, you are going to end up paying a lot more for the season.

5. Best Reason Ever: We Will Never Ever Bug You About the Feeds Again. Promise.
Seriously. You get annoyed by it. We get tired of it. We are all about having a Fun Season and sharing the viewing experience with other Big Brother Fans. We sure don’t want to alienate our visitors and run you off over some feeds. Other Big Brother blogs will keep asking you to buy feeds all season long. F*** that S***! We are NOT going to do that. We are going to leave a banner and maybe a couple other small ads on our blog.  We might post a sentence in some posts mentioning that the content we are discussing is from the feeds and letting everyone know how they can get their own subscription, but that’s it. No hard-selling. No constant sales tweets and facebook reminders.

Well, that’s our View on the Live Feed Early Bird Sale. If it’s something that interests you, NOW is the Best Time to Subscribe. If not, that’s cool. The Big Brother 14 season starts tomorrow. We hope to see you here!