BB14 First Episode Recap: Coaches, First HOH, and an Eviction!

Big Brother 14 is off and running and has been full throttle right from the get go.  The houseguests entered the house, and soon learned that 4 of the greatest Big Brother players ever would be joining them.  Then there was the twist that the returning houseguests would be playing their OWN game for their OWN prize, because they would be “coaching” the new houseguests.  At that point Janelle, Mike “Boogie,” Dan, and Britney returned to Big Brother to the shock of the new houseguests. 

Next up it was time to pick teams, and the teams are:

Team Britney: Shane, Willie, and JoJo

Team Dan: Kara, Danielle, and Jodi

Team Janelle: Wil, Ashley, and Joe

Team Boogie: Frank, Ian, and Jenn

Next up the houseguests played a team competition that involved going across spinning mattresses to retrieve teddy bears.  The winning team’s coach would choose the HOH for the week, while the losing team’s coach had to evict one of his team members.  It was a crazy way to kick off Big Brother, and made for one of the most intense Big Brother kickoffs ever.

Team Britney ended up winning the competition, and Britney chose Willie as the first HOH.  Team Dan came in last, and he chose to evict Jodi.  Jodi may have been in the house for a shorter amount of time than any houseguest ever, and there is much controversy over how fair the move was.  It was quite a shock to kick off BB14 with an eviction, but it set the tone for the season as it has been all action in the house so far.  Plenty of scheming, rumors, and feuds are already building at a rapid pace.  If this keeps up we are in for one of the best seasons in years!