Big Brother 2015: Five Twists The Season Needs


Big Brother has a long and extensive history with twists. Many of these twists, especially in the first 8 seasons, have completely shocked and surprised Big Brother fans. Unfortunately, some of Big Brother‘s recent twists have been underwhelming.

Some may say that Big Brother has just used up all their good twist material. We disagree. The following twist ideas could not only force players to constantly become alert, but create captivating television as well.

A Dan Gheesling Versus Will Kirby Season

Arguably, Dan and Will are the two greatest Big Brother players of all-time. For years, Big Brother fans have debated over who played a better game Will or Dan, so we would love to, once and for all, confirm one as a better player than the other one. But an entire season of just Dan and Will could not work.

It seems like both men have retired from playing the Big Brother game, and you cannot build three months on just two players outsmarting each other. A Dan versus Will season could work, without actually having Dan or Will play, if they coach the players that year, but not like the coaches twist in Big Brother 14.

BBLF - 560x293

For a few weeks to a month, prior to entering the Big Brother house, Dan could coach half of the contestants, and Will could coach the other half of them, on how to succeed in Big Brother. Each houseguest could secretly get coached by either Will or Dan. Therefore, they would believe they were the only player who received this special privilege.

This wouldn’t necessarily prove that Dan or Will was a better player than the other, but it could give a good indication on who understands the game better and how to teach it.

A House of Big Brother Global All-Stars

Big Brother Canada: Jon and Neda

So many countries air their own version of Big Brother (here are a few versions: UK, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Israel, and Australia). Due to the power of the internet, more and more Big Brother fans are able to access these international versions on Youtube and various other streaming outlets.

Therefore, some international Big Brother players already have a US fan-base, like Neda Kalantar and Jon Pardy from Big Brother Canada. Instead of recruiting one player from 16 different countries, the Big Brother casting team should get 2-4 players from a couple different countries that Big Brother US fans already watch, like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US.
This could create an exciting dynamic, especially because the UK and Australian versions are played in a completely different way than the American and Canadian ones. So it would be interesting to see how different countries strategize and interact to win the American crown.

A Competition for a Coup D’état

Coup D'etat

In Big Brother 7, the first Coup D’etat was introduced and won by Mike “Boogie” Malin. After that, any time a Coup D’etat came into play, it was based on a fan vote. The Big Brother Coup D’etat allows a player to remove two housemates from the block and replace them with any other two houseguests (excluding the Head of Household and Power of Veto holder).

What would make an Coup D’etat competition better than one just voted on by fans is that it would create not only anxiety for the players but for the viewers too.

We would want to see our favorites get the Coup D’etat and save themselves or their alliance from eviction, but we would also be filled with rage if players we hated got the Coup D’etat. It would keep the game interesting and unpredictable.

Big Brother: All-Stars 2

Big Brother: All-Stars

The original Big Brother: All-Stars was one of the best seasons of Big Brother ever. Mainly because the series had some of its best and most interesting players face-off. This led to lots of entertaining moments.

Our main concern about a possible Big Brother: All-Stars 2 is that the main contestants chosen would come from seasons 12-16. The majority of the players in these seasons were just not great strategy players. We hope that they would have learned and grown into better players, but we fear that they might just once again follow blindly and leave viewers with a very boring season.

We rather have Big Brother: All-Stars 2 be comprised of 8 players from seasons 1-8 and 8 players from seasons 9-16. This should give us a more diverse pool of Big Brother players. We would also want players who already played the game two or more times ineligible from All-Stars 2. Sorry players like Dan Gheesling, Jeff Schroeder, and Rachel Reilly.

Temptation and Punishment Related Twists

Pandora's Box

Big Brother UK does a great job of adding temptation twists. Twists that if one person takes something, it punishes the entire house. The most famous one, in recent history, is when Big Brother put two players in a white room. They were given a few seconds to decide to push a button or not. If one of them pushed the button, they were immediately eliminated but they took some of the winning prize fund with them.

The White Room £50k eviction by lilymabelle

Big Brother US’s Pandora’s Box works as our version of reward and punishment twists, so we would love to see a full season of Pandora’s Boxes. It would constantly keep the game unpredictable and shift the house dynamics every week.

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