BB14 Spoilers: First Nominations and POV Results

***Warning: Spoilers ahead, don’t read this post if you want to be surprised***

We are less than 24 hours into Big Brother 14 and we already have a ton of action going on.  As we posted earlier, Willie is the first HOH and he nominated Frank and Kara for eviction.  Today the POV competition was held, and Shane is the first POV winner. 

On the live feeds and After Dark last night, both Britney and Janelle were trying to convince Willie that Frank needed to be evicted because he was a strong player.  Willie was strongly against the idea as he has told Frank he wants him to stay, which was obviously a big topic of conversation last night.  It seems now that Willie may have won Britney over, as she seems on board to evict Kara.  It is unclear if Shane plans on using the POV or leaving the nominations the same, but it looks like Kara is the target at the moment at least.  There is quite a while until eviction, so a LOT could go down, especially with all the action we’ve seen so far.

There will no doubt be a ton of back and forth conversation on the first eviction, and there will be plenty of attempted deals as well.  If Kara ends up leaving, Dan’s team is in real jeopardy of surviving.  If you want to keep up with it all live as it happens, be sure to turn on the live feeds (Click Here for a 3 day free trial)