BB14 Live Feed Update: Ian Takes Ashley on a Date!

On last night’s CBS show, it became very apparent to each and every one of us that we have a very….unique houseguest this year in Ian.  From his random late night prowls through the house in his underwear, to streaking naked through the house, all the way to the random talks he has with himself, Ian looks to be the epitome of “expect the unexpected.”

Apparently the houseguests also noticed many of Ian’s “quirks” and figured that he might not have the best luck with the ladies.  A few nights ago, Britney and Dan began coaching Ian on how to talk to girls.  Apparently it worked because Ian gathered up the courage to ask Ashley on a date, which she accepted.  If you remember from the first episode Ashley noted she thought Ian was actually cute, which was a bit of a curve ball in itself.

So as date time rolled around, Ian was sure to be ready 45 minutes early, sporting his best attire including a bow tie.   The date was a “slop date” being both are on slop, but Chef Joe hooked up quite the fancy meal given what he had to work with.  The date itself involved science talk and some other small talk.  Ian even got some game talk in, letting Ashley know he could carry her to the end.

All in all, Ian is pretty much every bit as awkward as you would expect.  Ashley seems off in the clouds at times, so it’s hard to tell where she really stands.  One second she’s off in the clouds talking about wanting to go to the moon, then she can turn around and talk serious game….maybe it’s all strategy.  So what do you think?  Was Ashley just being nice or is there an oddly legit showmance blooming?

If you want to check out Ian and Ashley’s date in full, use one of the banners above to access the live feeds and flash back to 7/15 at around 11:05 p.m.