BB16 Live Feed Update: Will Zach Survive Tonight’s Double Eviction?

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**
BB16 ZachTo be honest, this hasn’t been the most exciting week in the Big Brother house.  It seems like any hostility in the house was all but gone once Amber and Brittany walked out the door.  Originally when Nicole and Donny won the HOH competition last week it seemed like we would get a shift in power and the possibility a big move such as a backdoor move on Caleb or Frankie, but the way things turned out didn’t exactly produce the best scenario. 
Christine winning the POV threw a wrench into any backdoor plans since she chose not to use it, so Jocasta and our ever-entertaining villain Zach were left on the block.  Things looked even more grim when the house decided that Zach needed to go this week, which made it seem like any chance of hostility and fights would go out the door with him.  Luckily at the last minute, things have taken a huge turn that may reignite the fire in the Big Brother house tonight after this season’s first double eviction episode.
Last night it was Caleb of all people that pointed out to Derrick that if they evicted Zach, they would be losing one of their numbers; a light bulb seemed to go off in Derrick’s brain, as he suddenly realized that it seemed like Nicole/Hayden/Donny were taking out the original Bomb Squad members one by one.  With this information, Derrick/Caleb/Frankie/Cody/Christine got together and decided it was time to make a huge move by blindsiding the others in the house and actually keeping Zach! 
This is great news for fans obviously, as Zach is pretty much the only loose cannon in the house and losing him would not be good for the excitement levels in the house.  Jocasta on the other hand hasn’t done much in the house, so seeing her go doesn’t feel like a big loss.  The fact that battle lines could be drawn over this move, ADDED to the fact we’re looking at a double eviction, tonight’s episode probably has the most hype of any episode thus far.
Will Zach stay in the house or will the house flip once again?  Will we finally see some hostility in the house over this big move?  And which houseguests will unexpectedly ALSO leave the house tonight in the night’s second eviction.  All questions will be answered tonight so be sure to lock in your 2 day free trial of the live feeds and catch all the aftermath, and also be the first to see who the NEW HOH will be this week after two houseguests are sent out the door tonight!