BB14 Live Feed Update: Willie Calls a House Meeting

***Warning: This post may contain spoilers, don’t read if you want to be surprised***

Big Brother 14 Willie HantzThe early fast and hard gameplay in Big Brother 14 is continuing, as today Willie made a move that will either gather him a following in the house or end up burning him.  There have been a ton of flip flops over whether Frank or Kara will be the first person evicted Thursday.  All of this changes have everyone paranoid about who’s telling the truth and who’s playing them.  Britney is already even doubting her partnership with Janelle and thinks that the coaches will eventually be inserted into the game.

Because of all this, Willie took it upon himself to call a house meeting……but without the coaches!  In the meeting, he said the coaches are all playing their own games and just using them to get what they want done.  The majority of the room agreed that they should play their own game, although Joe did resist some of Willie’s ideas and has been 100% behind his coach Janelle.

Big Brother 14 house meetingAfter the meeting of course everyone scattered, with some players talking to their coaches while others went to scheme amongst themselves.  There haven’t been any big blowups yet in the house, but this potential for a blowup in this house is at monumental proportions!  The real question is, who is going to get called out first and who will come together as an alliance to run the house when the dust settles.

All the talk and strategizing is ongoing in the house until things explode, Click Here for a 3 day trial if you want to watch live on the BB14 feeds.