BB14 Live Feed Update: First Fight of the Season Between Willie and Frank!

Only a few hours ago we reported on the craziness in the house with all the flip flopping and paranoia going on, and how it was only a matter of time before there would be a blow up in the house.  We weren’t sure it would be so soon, but things finally blew up into an argument between Willie and Frank. 

There has been non stop scheming as usual today, but things came to a head as there were just too many stories going around.  Frank put everything that Willie told him out there, and put Willie in a really tough spot.  Willie was majorly pissed as he was cussing and yelling at Frank.  Frank claimed to have not lied in the house and to be playing an honest game.  He called out Willie for trying to set things up so the vote would be close, and Frank would go after Janelle’s team next week.  Boogie soon jumped in and called out Willie for being a bully and trying to influence everyone’s vote.  Now it seems that Willie has put a huge target on himself simply by playing way too hard. 

Now that the battle lines have been crossed, the fights could be coming steady with so many outspoken personalities in the house.  There was even wonder if Willie would go as far as throwing a punch if he was mad enough.  Hopefully this sets the tone for the entire season as far as action all the time.  Keep up with everything as it develops live on the BB14 feed (Click Here for 3 day trial of the feeds.)