Big Brother: The 5 Worst Game Moves Thus Far

3. Danielle Trusts Dan, Shane Gets Evicted (Big Brother 14)

In a season of really terrible moves, it’s hard to pinpoint just one standout bad move. But Danielle Murphree and Shane Meaney‘s blind faith in Dan Gheesling proved to be the ultimate “what were you thinking moment.” Dan returned in Big Brother 14 as a coach, but then the coaches’ twist allowed him to reenter the game.

Dan’s Big Brother 14 agenda was to play as heartless as possible, which meant he had no real alliance with anyone, especially not Shane or Danielle. Danielle often found herself as a pawn in Dan’s games, and Shane was clearly dispensable as someone more loyal to Danielle than Dan. However, both Shane and Danielle trusted Dan when he asked them to let Danielle remove him from the block, which forced her to put up Shane, and then he would vote out Ian Terry.

Dan’s real plan was to get rid of Shane, which left Danielle forever in the Big Brother bad moves hall of fame, and as this awesome gif.

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