Big Brother: The 5 Worst Game Moves Thus Far

4. Kaysar Makes a Deal with Jennifer (Big Brother 6)

(Disclaimer: This isn’t the video of Jennifer and Kaysar’s deal, nor his eviction, but the fallout following his second eviction.)

Kaysar Ridha mastered how to strategize in the Big Brother house, which made him a great player. But even smart Big Brother players can make terrible game decisions. The Big Brother viewers had just voted Kaysar back into the game, and in the following Head of Household endurance competition, he reached the finals against Jennifer Vasquez. All season Jennifer and Kaysar played on opposite sides of the house.

Jennifer and Kaysar began to talk, as both seemed ready to not give up until their opponent passed out. They struck a deal where Kaysar let Jennifer become the HOH in exchange for guaranteed safety for the week. Of course Jennifer lied, and Kaysar became the target of the week and was evicted yet again.

Deals are made all the time in the Big Brother game. Therefore, Kaysar’s decision to make a deal with Jennifer, instead of winning the HOH title, wasn’t a completely ridiculous concept. What Kaysar did wrong in this situation was underestimating the ruthlessness of his Big Brother enemies.

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