Big Brother: The 5 Worst Game Moves Thus Far

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Success on Big Brother involves impeccable game strategizing and social manipulation. For one contestant to become the victor, many others have to fail, and some have to fail gloriously. In Big Brother‘s sixteen seasons there have been some massive game blunders.

These moves have even taken Big Brother crown frontrunners all the way out the eviction doors. So here are our picks as the five worst moves in Big Brother history. Some of them are so cringe-worthy that we got second-hand embarrassment for them.

5. Cody Takes Derrick to The Finals (Big Brother 16)

Cody and Derrick

Unlike most seasons, Big Brother 16 seemed to have a clear winner from day 1: Derrick Levasseur. The Big Brother houseguests even continuously acknowledged Derrick’s likableness and stellar game skills. Big Brother viewers expected to see Derrick annihilate anyone he faced off against in the final two.

Cody Calafiore and Derrick made their Hitmen alliance in the first week of the season. Constantly, Cody proved a completely loyal follower of Derrick’s plans and schemes. However, many Big Brother fans dreamed of a scenario where Cody blindsided Derrick by taking Victoria Rafaeli to the finals over Derrick. This would have, possibly, won him the Big Brother 16 champion title.

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Unfortunately, Cody played the game too morally, so his conscience would not allow him to betray Derrick, even at the end, even for money. Derrick became the Big Brother 16 champion by a 7-2 vote, which also sealed the season’s fate as the most predictable one ever in Big Brother US history.

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