BB14 Live Feed Update: Britney Goes Off on Willey

Big Brother 14 BritneyWe are less than 24 hours away from the first live eviction for Big Brother 14, and unlike most seasons there is already a big split over the vote.  Willey has been the center of controversy this week, being he’s talked to almost every houseguest and made deals with many of them.  As we reported a couple of days ago, Willey also called for the house meeting that didn’t include the coaches AND was involved in the big fight with Frank last night.

Finally tonight, Britney had enough and had to go off on Willey in an attempt to get through to him about all the talking and scheming he’s done which has put a huge target on him.  Britney tried to point out that he is saying too much and to the wrong people.  Willie eventually apologized after arguing with her for a bit, but he still can’t seem to grasp what Britney is telling him.  Britney tried hard to point out that she is only trying to help him, which of course would help her, but Willie is definitely a hard head who is playing his own game.

The first eviction will be huge this season unlike most seasons, and the next HOH play a huge part in which side of the house will run things.  If someone on Willey’s side doesn’t win and he ends up on the block, he will no doubt be getting even more of an earful from his coach Britney.

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