When Does Big Brother Canada 2015 Start? Season 3 Premiere

While we have a few months before the Big Brother 17 premiere, for those Big Brother Canada fans out there the wait is not as long, so when does Big Brother Canada 2015 start? Find out the details for the Big Brother Canada 3 premiere below in our Big Brother Canada 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother Canada Logo

While we have to wait until June 25 for the Big Brother 17 premiere in the United States, it looks like they won’t have to wait as long for the Big Brother Canada 2015 premiere! In just one short week, the BB Canada 3 premiere will kick off and a new season and new cast will be invading your homes three days a week!

The Big Brother Canada 2015 premiere will kick off on March 23 on it’s new home of GlobalTV! For this season, we will have BBCAN3 on Sundays at 7pm EST, Mondays at 8pm EST and Wednesdays at 9pm EST (which will be the elimination episodes).

As far as the Side Show fans out there, we will have Peter Brown and Gary Levy hosting this season and it will be on Thursday nights at 10pm EST on Slice. This was done right after the elimination show last season, but I guess they are changing it up this season and remaining on the same channel, despite the move to GlobalTV for the regular show.

Also returning to Slice this season is After Dark, which will air from 3am-6am EST. I guess you like to stay up late (or wake up early) in Canada, huh?

Besides all this great news, it looks like the new Big Brother Canada 2015 cast will be announced today, so stay tuned for that information!

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