BB14 Live Feed Update: A Burglar Enters the Big Brother House!

***Warning: spoilers ahead, don’t read this post if you want to be surprised***

Yesterday there were reports that during some of the live feed down time, the feeds flashed on briefly and a burglar was seen in the house.  This was believed to be for a future competition, and in the middle of the night last night it became apparent that it will likely be a part of tonight’s HOH competition.

As most of the houseguests slept last night, a “newsflash” appeared on the screen and alerts when off.  The houseguests gathered and were given clues about items taken from the house.  This will most likely lead to an HOH competition that has the houseguests trying to remember the clues they were given throughout the night. 

So that throws an interesting spin on things, as most of the talk has been who could do well in a physical HOH competition.  It now looks like the competition will be mental, so there is no telling who could end up as the second HOH of the season.