BB14 Update: Kara Evicted, Frank New HOH

Well one of the craziest week 1’s in Big Brother history is a wrap, and the end results were Kara leaving as the first evictee this year and Frank winning HOH.  Frank’s win is the perfect revenge after being on the block and fighting with Willie last week.  Kara didn’t do a whole lot in the house, but we can say she tried until the very last second to stay in the house.  Frank winning HOH is Willie’s worst nightmare, as Willie knows it’s pretty much a lock that he will end up on the block.

The competition involved remembering certain things about the “burglar” from the night before, which had us firmly believing that Ian would lock in the win this week.  Surprisingly Frank pulled out the win as he and Wil were the last 2 left in the game.  Willie immediately reacted by walking off and it was apparent that he knows what he’s in for this week. 

The other big shock came after the HOH competition when the coaches were informed that this weeks coach’s competition will see the winning coach given the ability to either keep one of their players safe (like last week) OR choose to trade one of their players for one from another team.  This opens up the possibility for Britney to trade Willie who has been a loose cannon on her team, but she seems convinced her team are the targets regardless due to  the fact that they didn’t vote for Frank to stay.

There will be a lot to report on as the day goes on with both the coach’s competition and nominations happening today.  If you want to follow it all live, be sure to get your 3 day free trial of the live feeds (Click Here for info.)